Mikari is an Indian-based, internationally distributed brand and boutique export company that help elevate age old craft through a modern lens by bringing together artisans , designers and customers
around the world. We serve a community of clients and partners who share our commitment to preserving cultural and textile heritage while adding a resolutely contemporary touch to traditional techniques such as hand weaving.

From the founder

Living a life across countries and continents has nurtured in me a profound appreciation for different cultures and a vast exposure to global design. Mikari is my way of bringing together my passion for good design, high quality fabrics and a belief that textiles have the ability to transform a house into a home. I believe that homes should be a reflection of the journeys we take. We are dedicated to helping our customers create spaces with a soul. Designed across the globe and handwoven in Kerala, Mikari uses time-tested techniques to produce handwoven textiles with contemporary design in collaboration with local artisans.

“With functionality and simplicity at the core of our design philosophy ,I hope to inspire you with our textiles that remain truly unaffected by-passing trends” – roscy thomas

Story behind the name

In a world driven by perfectionism, speed and lack of patience my young children remind me to be present, embrace differences and celebrate irregularities so Mikari, named after my beautiful children Mikaela and Ariyaan is a reflection of my belief that there is beauty in every imperfection.